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Redmine Cashboard Tasks Plugin

Sync tasks between Redmine Issues and Cashboard Project Lists

This Redmine plugin creates integration between the Redmine Issue tracking and Cashboard Project Lists and Tasks, including the ability to add Redmine issues to Cashboard as tasks, as well as the ability to import Cashboard tasks to Redmine as issues.

What it does

From the Issues page, right-click any issue or multiple issues and select "Add to Cashboard" from the context menu.

When copying to Cashboard, the plugin will remember the last Cashboard project that was used to copy issues to from the current Redmine project. Otherwise, the plugin will fetch all open Cashboard clients and projects, allowing you to select a Cashboard project list or to create a new project list on Cashboard to copy the Redmine issues to.

The Redmine issues will be copied to Cashboard as tasks, aka "Line Items that belong to a Project List" in the Cashboard API.

The plugin also allows importing Cashboard tasks as issues in Redmine, by adding an import link to the right sidebar on the Redmine project issues page.

You will then be able to select the Cashboard project, project, list, and specific tasks you would like to import.


  1. Copy the plugin directory into the plugins directory (make sure the name is cashboard_tasks)
  2. Execute plugin database migration: rake redmine:plugins:migrate
  3. Restart Redmine

Alternatively, instead of directly copying this plugin directory, you may add it as a submodule to Redmine:

cd /path/to/redmine
git clone https://github.com/alfajango/redmine-cashboard-tasks.git plugins/cashboard_tasks
rake redmine:plugins:migrate

Be sure to add the following environment variables to your Redmine server, and restart Redmine: