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jQuery-Rails Demo

A Rails 3 AJAX Demo App

The simplest example of using AJAX CRUD operations in a Rails 3 app using the built-in jQuery-UJS funcitonality.

Demo Rails 3.1 App with jQuery UJS (AJAX) and Remotipart

This is a very simple demo Rails 3.1 with all CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality in AJAX using the jquery-rails gem which bundles jquery-ujs, in combination with the Remotipart gem for AJAX file-uploads.

For relevant code, see the Comments controller and views. Also see unobtrusive bindings in app/assets/javascripts/comments.js.

Documentation & Resources

Documentation and resources for the Rails jquery-ujs may be found in the following articles:

Also, see the remotipart branch for AJAX file-upload functionality.